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Publication News

New Horror Story Published Online

August 12, 2013

Hello all. The latest publication to feature my work is the online horror mag Hello Horror. My story “Old Tom” is available for viewing in their fourth issue, and you can check it out free of charge right now at Enjoy, more soon.

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Another Serial Featured on JukePops

May 30, 2013

I’m pleased to announce that I’m having another novel published serially on the JukePops website. My novel The Woods was accepted by JukePops last year, and can now be seen there in its entirety, or purchased here on my site in the “Works For Sale” area. The first chapter of my novel Transitional Period can now be seen at You can go there and search for either my name or the title of the novel. Then read the chapter, and vote for my work, so I’ll be eligible for prizes. Tell your friends! I’ll be posting a new chapter of Transitional Period every couple of weeks. So you can enjoy my scribblings all summer long…more soon, true believers.

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New Horror Story To Be Published In August

May 18, 2013

Heads up, true believers! I just wanted to mention that I’ll be having a new, never before seen horror story featured this August, in the online literary horror mag Hello Horror. Published quarterly, Hello Horror features tales of the bizarre, disturbing and deranged. My story will appear in Volume 1, Issue 4. I’ll be sure and mention it here on the site when it goes live. This will, incidentally, be my thirtieth publishing credit since 2006, a nice round number. Here’s hoping the next few years will be even more productive.

I also recently had occasion to enter a collection of my short stories in the Flannery O’Conner Contest for Short Fiction, by The University of Georgia Press. The contest is highly prestigious, with a hefty cash prize to the winner and subsequent publication of their short story collection. Needless to say, that would be a huge boost for me, and I selected only what I think are my very best short stories for the collection. It’s anybody’s guess whether I stand a chance, but hey, a guy can dream. Selection of the winner should take place sometime in August. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed…

That’s it for now, folks. More soon.




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New Issue of Shadowland Out This Week

November 29, 2012

Hello all. The new winter issue of Shadowland, the excellent online horror magazine that is published quarterly, will be available in a couple of days at For the second time, this issue will feature one of my stories, this one titled “The Many Deaths.” The issue is available for download for the very reasonable price of one dollar! Seriously, what better are you going to get for a buck?! Tell your friends!

And while I’m on the subject of online places where you can see my work, I remind all my readers to check out, where my novel The Woods is being published serially, at the rate of about a chapter each week. Go to the site, read the novel as new chapters are posted, and vote for it so it rises in the rankings! Tell your friends about that too! Enough of the shameless plugs…for now. More soon.

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First Chapter of Novel Available On JukePop Serials

October 12, 2012

Hello all. The latest website to feature my work is the innovative and  fun JukePop Serials. Here’s how it works: writers like myself post the first chapter of a novel, then people go on the site, read it, vote for their favorites to continue serially, and make suggestions as to what they’d like to see happen. I posted a chapter of my novel “The Woods,” and all of my readers can go on the website and vote for it, if they’d like it to continue. It’s easy, and if I get enough votes I can also garner cash prizes, which is nice, of course, since I rarely see much money for my writing. The website is Go there and search for “The Woods,” then read and vote for my chapter. Help a poor writer make some money! Tell your friends! More soon.

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Erotica Now Available For Viewing

October 6, 2012

Hello again all. Just wanted to let you know that my new piece of erotica, “The Pink Flamingo” was published in the online October issue of Bareback. You can check it out under the fiction section at their website, This is the third time that my work has been featured by this fine publication. As always, this piece contains graphic sexual content, so it is not intended for younger viewers.

In other news, the presidential election is now just under a month away. All the major news outlets have talked about how Obama seemed to come into the first debate with Romney unprepared and unfocused. Here’s hoping that he puts up a better showing next time around. With modern America having the collective memory of a fruit fly, if he makes some perceived gaff coming down the stretch, it could certainly swing things Romney’s way. Even though, as I’ve discussed here on the site, I’m not in love with Obama’s policies these days, I’m going to be pretty upset if Romney wins. I won’t instantly move to Canada like I would have with Santorum, but I’m pretty sure it will be much darker days for America if the Republicans retake control of the White House. Stay tuned on that…

October is a jam-packed month for me, what with both of my teams having made the playoffs. The Reds will start their postseason tonight at the Giants in San Fransisco, while the Yankees drew the vastly improved Baltimore Orioles. Will my dream of a Reds/Yankees World Series come to pass? It’s Megan’s birthday in less than two weeks, and we’re heading to see Jerry Seinfeld do standup. At last, we will find out exactly what the deal is with airplane peanuts! Also next weekend I’m going to the New York Comic Con, and the weekend after I’m going to see Primus live in concert, while football season continues, the weather gets colder, and I continue to work fifty hours a week. So my life looks pretty busy for the immediate future, with some bright spots on the horizon, and much to keep body and mind active. I hope you all are enjoying the fall season. More soon, true believers.

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Story Not Being Published After All

September 29, 2012

It is with regret that I must announce that a story that was previously going to be published in two installments by the Dallas Writers Journal is now no longer going to appear. A few weeks ago I sent the Journal a story, with the understanding that, according to their website, they were looking primarily for stories by writers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. However, they were doing an open call for submissions on Craigslist, so I figured I’d give it a shot. I also made it clear from the beginning that I live in Brooklyn, obviously nowhere near Dallas. They accepted the story, and I was particularly pleased because they are a print publication as well as appearing online, and also because they were going to pay me for the story…not much, but paid writing work is a rarity for me, so it’s always especially gratifying when it comes along. They sent me a form through which I could communicate a bio of myself to them, and I filled it out and faxed it. I announced the upcoming publication on the website, as I normally do. Then, earlier this week, I received notification from the Journal that they wouldn’t be publishing my story because I do not, in fact, live in the Dallas area. Okay, so be it. What irritates me so much about the whole business is that, as I said, I made it clear from the very beginning that I don’t live anywhere near Dallas, but I was submitting anyway. I don’t know how dense the readers and story selectors from the Journal are, that they overlooked this detail in the first place and didn’t simply turn me down right off the bat. This story had been a simultaneous submission, meaning that I had sent it to other lit mags for consideration at the same time the Journal was considering it, and, when they accepted it, I had to tell all the other lit mags it was no longer on the table. This means that because of the incompetence of the Journal, I lost out on one of those other magazines possibly picking up this piece. Also, the Journal deemed that this story was suitable for publication, so they thought it was a quality story. Should it really have been so critical, then, where I lived and where the story came from? Good writing is good writing, and I have to question the Journal’s values if this is the attitude they take toward it. But in any case, it is what it is. I’m not able to do anything to change their mind, so I must go back to submitting this story again and hope it gets picked up elsewhere. I know it will. It’s a good story. And it’s not like this sort of thing hasn’t happened before. Small, independent lit mags being what they are, this sort of thing has to happen sometimes, and when it does, you just try not to let it get you down as a writer. I don’t believe it to be a personal slight, just carelessness, and some degree of small-mindedness as well. Life goes on. I can still report that a piece of my erotica will be published in Bare Back in October, and a horror story of mine will appear in Shadowland in November. Stay tuned, and I’ll post when those are up. More soon, true believers.

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New Erotica To Be Published Soon

September 15, 2012

I’m pleased to announce that my hot publishing streak will continue, as I’m having a piece of erotica featured on the website Bareback in their October issue. This will make a total of five different pieces (one split into two installments), appearing among four different publications for me between August and November of this year. This is the third time I’ve had work featured in Bareback, the previous two times being in May of 2008 and January of 2009. Bareback’s website is, and I will mention here on the site when this piece goes live next month. As always, keep in mind that erotica pieces appear on adult websites, are intended for adults, and feature graphic sexual content…or at least, mine always do. They asked me if I wanted to publish under a pseudonym, but I didn’t see the point. There’s no shame to my game, as the kids say.

I’m working fifty hours a week these days; that would be non-writing work, just in case any clarification was needed. Non-writing work isn’t my chosen field, but it’s guaranteed to pay the bills, which is something that writing, unfortunately, has seldom done in my life. That makes it tough to come up with the energy for creating new stories, revising, and sending out material. During my downtime I’d rather be vegging out, especially as we’re in the stretch run of the baseball season and football season is now in gear again. I just hope that I can keep my sights set firmly on my goals, and rely on my passion for the craft to keep me going. I think I can. No matter how busy I’ve gotten in the past ten years, I’ve always gone back to what I do, and even with the current schedule, now should be no different. I’m sure the recent run of publishing success will keep me m0tivated, because even if there’s little or no financial compensation, seeing my name listed as the author and seeing my work appear on different sites, or sometimes in print, really is it’s own reward, and I’m sure other writers would agree. So that’s it for now. More soon, true believers.

Publication News

Another New Story To Appear In Print, Serially

September 8, 2012

I seem to be on a hot streak again, publication-wise. I just received word that another story of mine has been accepted, this one by the literary magazine Dallas Writers Journal, which appears both online and in print, monthly, primarily in the Dallas area. Their website is Because of the length of my story, parts of it will appear in two consecutive issues, October and November. I’m not sure exactly when during the month those will be out, but I’ll mention here on the site when they are. You can read the online version of the journal for free on their website, and you can also order a print version which will be shipped to you, for the price of two dollars each. As I said, since this journal focuses mainly on writers in the Dallas area, I’m particularly pleased they decided to accept something from a guy as far away as Brooklyn. This also means that I’ll have something published every month for the last five months of the year: a story in Shadowland in August, one in The Brave New Word in September, one in The Dallas Writers Journal both October and November, and another piece in Shadowland in December! I’m not exactly breaking the bank with the publication of these stories, but it’s always nice to have my work recognized, and featured in a variety if different locations, both on the web and in print. Perhaps this recent run of success will lead to something even more significant. I hope all my readers are enjoying the onset of the fall season. More soon.

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New Story Available For Viewing Now

September 6, 2012

Hello all. Just a quick heads up: my story “A Second First Time” is now available in the newly published first issue of The Brave New Word. You can check it out free of charge at Enjoy, more soon.

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