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October 6, 2012

Hello again all. Just wanted to let you know that my new piece of erotica, “The Pink Flamingo” was published in the online October issue of Bareback. You can check it out under the fiction section at their website, This is the third time that my work has been featured by this fine publication. As always, this piece contains graphic sexual content, so it is not intended for younger viewers.

In other news, the presidential election is now just under a month away. All the major news outlets have talked about how Obama seemed to come into the first debate with Romney unprepared and unfocused. Here’s hoping that he puts up a better showing next time around. With modern America having the collective memory of a fruit fly, if he makes some perceived gaff coming down the stretch, it could certainly swing things Romney’s way. Even though, as I’ve discussed here on the site, I’m not in love with Obama’s policies these days, I’m going to be pretty upset if Romney wins. I won’t instantly move to Canada like I would have with Santorum, but I’m pretty sure it will be much darker days for America if the Republicans retake control of the White House. Stay tuned on that…

October is a jam-packed month for me, what with both of my teams having made the playoffs. The Reds will start their postseason tonight at the Giants in San Fransisco, while the Yankees drew the vastly improved Baltimore Orioles. Will my dream of a Reds/Yankees World Series come to pass? It’s Megan’s birthday in less than two weeks, and we’re heading to see Jerry Seinfeld do standup. At last, we will find out exactly what the deal is with airplane peanuts! Also next weekend I’m going to the New York Comic Con, and the weekend after I’m going to see Primus live in concert, while football season continues, the weather gets colder, and I continue to work fifty hours a week. So my life looks pretty busy for the immediate future, with some bright spots on the horizon, and much to keep body and mind active. I hope you all are enjoying the fall season. More soon, true believers.

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