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April 18, 2011

I’ve mentioned multiple times here on the site how much I hate technology. But as an author constantly trying to capture a following, I’ve had to let go of my dislike and embrace computers, my own web site, texting, Facebook, and now, Twitter. It had to happen sooner or later. In the books I’ve been reading on how to write an effective query letter for my nonfiction book I’m trying to get published, it talks about the importance of establishing a platform. Basically, what that means is having a built in fan base of some kind that is going to be guaranteed to take an interest in what you have to say, and, presumably, buy your book when it comes out. I don’t have a show on T.V. or the radio, and my visibility is pretty much zero, so social networking is probably the best I can hope for right now. So do me a favor: any fans of the site, follow me @gothamsteve on Twitter! The more followers I get, the better my platform will look in those query letters! Help a brother out, if you ever want to see that book in print! More soon.

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