Hire Me On Upwork

As I’ve mentioned here on the site, over the past couple of years I’ve branched out to where I’m writing less fiction and I’m writing a lot more blogs, articles, and doing other forms of paid writing work. For the most part, that’s how I’m making my living, so I wanted to include a link to my Upwork Profile.

For those who are not familiar, Upwork is an online marketplace where individuals with different skill sets can be hired by others who have work for them. I’ve seen quite a bit of success with Upwork over the past few months, and I’m always open to offers.

If you’re a fan of the website and you have voice over work, blogs or articles that you want written, anything you want ghostwritten, or any project you’d like revised or edited, you can contact me via Upwork. You’ll find my pricing structure on my profile, and I’m always happy to help out those who need a dependable freelance writer.

I’ve also included some links below to places where my professional writing can be found across the web. I wasn’t given credit for these pieces, but it’s my work.

Over a period of months I wrote a great many blogs for Toyota of Orange in Orange County.

I wrote several blogs for Big On Los Angeles as well.

I’ve written many blogs on dentistry and others about mattresses.

I’ve written articles about dry cleaning and industrial design companies.

As you can see, I’ve written about all kinds of things, so if you need some blogs or articles written don’t hesitate to reach out via Upwork. There are few creative writing projects for which I wouldn’t be a good fit.

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