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New Erotica To Be Published Soon

September 15, 2012

I’m pleased to announce that my hot publishing streak will continue, as I’m having a piece of erotica featured on the website Bareback in their October issue. This will make a total of five different pieces (one split into two installments), appearing among four different publications for me between August and November of this year. This is the third time I’ve had work featured in Bareback, the previous two times being in May of 2008 and January of 2009.¬†Bareback’s website is, and I will mention here on the site when this piece goes live next month. As always, keep in mind that erotica pieces appear on adult websites, are intended for adults, and feature graphic sexual content…or at least, mine always do. They asked me if I wanted to publish under a pseudonym, but I didn’t see the point. There’s no shame to my game, as the kids say.

I’m working fifty hours a week these days; that would be non-writing work, just in case any clarification was needed. Non-writing work isn’t my chosen field, but it’s guaranteed to pay the bills, which is something that writing, unfortunately, has seldom done in my life. That makes it tough to come up with the energy for creating new stories, revising, and sending out material. During my downtime I’d rather be vegging out, especially as we’re in the stretch run of the baseball season and football season is now in gear again. I just hope that I can keep my sights set firmly on my goals, and rely on my passion for the craft to keep me going. I think I can. No matter how busy I’ve gotten in the past ten years, I’ve always gone back to what I do, and even with the current schedule, now should be no different. I’m sure the recent run of publishing success will keep me m0tivated, because even if there’s little or no financial compensation, seeing my name listed as the author and seeing my work appear on different sites, or sometimes in print, really is it’s own reward, and I’m sure other writers would agree. So that’s it for now. More soon, true believers.

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