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Novels Now Available In Paperback Form

September 6, 2015

Hello folks, I’m pleased to announce that three of my novels, Transitional Period, The Woods, and Hell To Pay, are now available in paperback form on Amazon. Just type “Steven Finkelstein” into the search engine, and the top four hits are mine. You can order the three novels for Kindle or other tablets, or, if you want the paperbacks, you can order them and they’ll be sent to your home! The short story collection, A Long, Slow Burn and Other Stories will be available in paperback form in a couple of weeks.

I helped to design the covers for all four of these titles, and they look great. They represent the culmination of several years of work, and it’s very gratifying to see them in print for the first time. I’ll be doing a major ad campaign for them in the next few weeks, but you can also help by spreading word of these titles to other recreational readers you may know. You can also help by leaving positive feedback in the “Review” section for each title on Amazon. Support your local authors! More soon.

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