Political Quagmire

November 3, 2010

So yesterday the Republicans took control of the House, while the Dems kept the Senate. Here in New York, Andrew Cuomo became Governor of the state, replacing lame duck Patterson who took the reigns after Elliot Spitzer resigned…and in turn has had his run at the top marred by controversy and scandal, from improper acceptance of World Series tickets to the Aqueduct Raceway bidding fiasco to having his former aid accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend last Halloween. I figured Cuomo would win. This state votes Democratic more often than not, and the Republican nomination went to a raving lunatic in Carl Paladino, a stunted little goblin of a man who threatened to “take out” a Post reporter and accused Cuomo of having “paramours,” then could produce no evidence of it, while he himself has a love child with a former mistress, which was revealed during the course of the campaign. Then he made wildly offensive homophobic comments, which he then tried to apologize for and pissed off the gay community even more in the process. So Cuomo was pretty much a shoe-in, although I’ll tell you right up front, I voted for Kristen Davis, the former madame whose girls serviced Elliot Spitzer. Davis ran on an anti-prohibition ticket, and man, would she ever have been good for this state and for this country. I agreed with every one of her viewpoints, across the board. She’s pro-choice, she’s pro-gay marriage, and she wants marijuana and prostitution legalized. If you go back to old blog entries here on the site, I’ve railed about all of those things. The fact that she wouldn’t run on the Democratic or the Republican ticket made her even more appealing to me, because I’ve never voted for a Republican in my life, and I’m sick of the Democratic party too.

I was pretty much raised to vote Democratic, and I’ve done it because it makes sense. The Republican party is all about tax breaks for the rich, trampling the poor (the economic class to which I happen to belong), unfailingly supports going to war (whichever war, it seldom matters), and is pro-religion, anti-gay, pro-life, anti-drug, and just about everything else I speak out against. The G.O.P. is the rich old white man party, and the poor, back woods, uneducated white man party also. The Clinton years, by far, were the best years for this country since I’ve been alive. But yes, I was as excited as everybody else for Obama’s election two years ago. Look at my post at the time and you can see that. Well…time’s change, and two years down the line, I’m feeling as disenfranchised as everybody else. I still support Obama. I have to. But I’d be lying if I said I was happy with his performance so far. The Gulf oil spill was a disaster for him, not one that he could have predicted, but one that he could have handled more gracefully than he did. He’s at least called for a stand-down date of “combat troops” in Iraq, which I guess is something. I was happy about the healthcare bill at the time it passed, except none of its provisions are going to do a lot to help me, personally, and it’s going to cost so much that the price tag for a person like me is incompressible. Hundreds of billions of dollars…it might as well be Monopoly money. I make ten dollars an hour at my job. The bottom line is, yes, I support the president, but I think he’s out of touch. He’s trying to tell the people what they want, rather than listening to them. On the other side, the general public’s expectations were insanely high for what Obama was going to accomplish. They thought this guy was going to snap his fingers and change everything, and now two years later, he’s asking for patience and they’re clamoring for blood. That’s how you’ve got the stupid Tea Party movement, a group that’s mad as hell and like to make a lot of noise, but honestly, what are they going to do other than that? At Paladino’s concession speech last night you could hear some jackass yelling in the background “Succession!” Really, moron? You and the rest of the nutballs want to break away from the States? So long, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

I’m fed up with politics. I’m going to have to keep hearing about it and seeing it and living with the results of the elections, because I’m a citizen of this country and I have to deal with the leadership. That’s why the Tea Party movement is so funny to me. They’re “mad as hell and they’re not going to take it anymore!” Well, okay…so what is it that they’re proposing, exactly? It’s hilarious when a reporter interviews one of these guys, all wrapped up in an American flag, lightning bolts shooting from their ears, foaming at the mouth. Okay, we’ve established you’re mad. What is it you’d like to see happen? They think about it, and then they get this sort of glazed look in their eyes…because they don’t know. They haven’t thought that far ahead. It’s all they could do to tie their own shoes this morning. I thought, when I first heard about this “movement,” that it would mean the creation of a third party. I thought it would be a good thing, because there aren’t enough of these lunatics to create a viable third option in political races, but it would create the precedent that voting another way beside one of the two parties might at some point actually work. Up till now it hasn’t, what with the Green Party, and the Independent Party, and the Rent Is Too Damn High Party. That’s why I knew that Kristen Davis wouldn’t get elected, even as I was voting for her. I was considering voting for Cuomo, because I knew that Davis didn’t have a chance. But I decided that I’m tired of voting for the Democrats just by default, as the lesser of two evils. I decided something this election: never again am I going to vote just on Party lines. Because I’m frustrated too, even if I haven’t gone all wacko Tea Party about it. From now on I’ll vote based on the issues and the candidates’ stance, whatever they call the Party they belong to. This election was meaningless, regardless of what the Republicans did or didn’t do. Obama hasn’t been getting anything worthwhile done the last two years. We’re due for more of the same, and I don’t want to either hear or think about politics for a while. It’s too depressing.

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