Published Works

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A Long, Slow Burn (and other stories)

Here is the novella A Long, Slow Burn, as well as seven of the author’s favorite short stories, collected and presented together for the first time ever. They encompass ten years of short but inspired fiction, and while their tone and content varies, together they present a unique voice, and vision.





Hell to Pay

Marlow Heatherton, degenerate gambler, is in deep to the Russian mafia. When he skips town, it sets off a chain of events that will cause chaos and bloodshed from Westchester County to Brighton Beach, from Asbury Park to Bushwick, from Atlantic City to a rest stop on the New Jersey turnpike. Along the way, police, bounty hunters, and criminals of all stripes will be pulled into the vortex. Who will come out on top? Who will walk away from the carnage at all?




Transitional Period

Anthony Rizzo’s girlfriend Andy has just broken up with him. He’s a few months away from finishing his undergraduate degree in psychology, a feat which has taken him somewhat longer than the allotted four years. The fact that he is adhering to a strict regimen of drugs, alcohol, and sleepless nights isn’t helping matters. As he himself is quick to point out, he is in no hurry to join the job market and the “real world.” Anthony has become disillusioned, if not disgusted, with college, and with Pittsburgh, where he has spent the last twenty-two years of his life. Despite his self destructive behavior, he will graduate in a matter of months…and he isn’t quite sure what will come next. Transitional Period is an examination of the current college lifestyle. It deals with some extremely difficult subject matter frankly and honestly, including socially accepted binge drinking, drug use, and the complexities and duties of friendship. It is in turns funny, painful, and thought provoking, and sometimes all three simultaneously.


The Woods

It is deep in the woods where Tad feels himself inexplicably drawn one day, pulled like a magnet to a certain spot, far off the beaten paths with which he is familiar. There, he encounters a dapperly dressed man who calls himself Daddy, speaks in riddles, and whose very existence becomes a mystery into which Tad is drawn, sometimes against his will, sometimes with an eagerness that frightens and perplexes him. From this first meeting between these two very dissident minds and lifestyles, a complex chain of events starts to unravel, beginning with a cautious, hesitant friendship, and ending in discordance that could very well rip the Surrey family apart at the seams.