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September 1, 2012

It’s the first day of September, which is the first day of fall in my mind, as I tend to lump each season into a convenient three month package. As such, it’s time to think about football, as the NFL season kicks off on Wednesday. I don’t really know what to expect from my Bengals this year, with a second year quarterback and a bunch of young players, but I’m cautiously optimistic. They made the playoffs last year playing in a tough division. We’ll see what they do in 2012-2013. As the baseball season draws toward its close, my Yankees lead the American League East, although they’re fighting for their lives to stay ahead of the Orioles and the Rays. Anybody’s guess if they can get it together with some key guys out of the lineup and the starting rotation with about four-and-a-half weeks to go. I actually like the chances of my Reds a lot better, as they will be getting Joey Votto back from the disabled list any day now and they have the second best record in baseball going into today. It would be great if the Yankees won it all, but it would really be something special if the Reds did. After all, the Reds have five world championships, the Yanks have twenty-seven. Hard not to root for my hometown team, if it came down to those two in the World Series.

Not a whole lot I’m looking forward to when it comes to fall movies. I’ll probably check out the new Resident Evil, since I’ve seen the last two in theaters and I like Milla Jovovich. Not much usually going on there plot-wise, but the special effects are really what I’m interested in. I might take a chance on the new Judge Dredd movie. We’ll see what Rotten Tomatoes has to say about it. What I’m really waiting for, of course, is the first of the three Hobbit movies, but that’s not due out till December. I’m going to some wrestling shows, including an FWE show right here in Bay Ridge in October, and a Chikara show in November. I’m also seeing Primus in October. I’m never seen the band perform together, though I’m a big fan of Les Claypool, so I’m definitely looking forward to that.

The presidential election is coming up in November, and I’m not going to harp on it too much, since I’ve written several blogs about it lately. All I’ll say is that if Romney and Ryan are elected, it won’t mean anything good for America for the next four years. I’m not overjoyed with some of what Obama has done (or hasn’t done), but he’s better than the alternative, pure and simple. You know how I’m casting my vote, and if you’re one of the lunkheads who’s undecided, I strongly urge you to get on the right team. Economic policies may be a legitimate concern, but if the GOP gets back in power, social issues will take several giant steps backward. That’s just how it’s always going to be.

I seem to be on a publishing hot streak. Story featured now in Shadowland, another in the next issue of Shadowland right around Thanksgiving, and a third due out probably this week in The Brave New Word. I’ve got a lot of other stuff right now being considered by lit mags, so we’ll see if there are any other takers. Also, the process of inquiring to agents about the new novel continues; we’ll see if that goes anywhere. Keep hope alive…and I’m working on some new projects, as always.

I’ve been reading quite a bit of sci-fi lately, and while I’m hardly the first to stumble upon the genius of Ray Bradbury, whose Martian Chronicles I just finished, or Isaac Asimov, whose Robot Dreams I’m currently working on, I just have to say, these are two masters, and I am in awe of what they are both capable of. Bradbury is able find the humanity in the futuristic that makes a story both memorable and, often enough, touching, while Asimov is so knowledgeable yet is such a good writer that it almost isn’t fair. I highly recommend both, if you’ve never tried them.

Finally, a year ago yesterday we buried my paternal grandmother, Dora. Dora, you were often an unpleasant person when I knew you, but you were family. I was thinking of you yesterday, and I am today. Wherever you are, I hope you are resting peacefully. Readers, I hope the new fall season finds you well. Enjoy the leaves changing, the weather cooling, and have a glass of cider to celebrate the waning of the year. The writer, as always, abides. More soon.

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