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Short Story Collection Now Available On Kindle

August 8, 2015

Hey folks, I just wanted to mention that my new collection “A Long, Slow Burn and Other Stories” is now available for Kindle and other tablets. If you go to Amazon, and type my name into the search engine, the top four hits will be my books, the three novels that became available last month, and the new short story collection just listed. It’s the novella “A Long, Slow Burn,” plus seven more of my best short stories, hand-picked by me! It costs $4.99, the same as the other novels. Some of these stories are being printed for the first time ever, and they’ve never been available in a collection like this, so check it out. Also, I’m hard at work getting all four titles available for print-on-demand, and I hope to have that up and running in the next few weeks, for those who like the feel of an old-fashioned book in their hands, like myself. I’ll post here on the site when that happens, but for now, I encourage those of you with Kindles or other tablets to get the novels, and the new collection. Support starving writers! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. More soon…

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