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Third Segment of Horror Story Published

June 8, 2014

Heads up, true believers. I’m pleased to announce that the third and final segment of my short story “Snow” is now available for your reading pleasure at I’ve enjoyed having the story published piecemeal. It’s kind of a throwback to leave the reader in suspense, and for a story with this sort of content, I think the serialized format has worked nicely. Thanks to the staff at Hello Horror for publishing my work, and perhaps we’ll collaborate again in the future. It’s not too likely there will be too many of my shorter works being published in the immediate future, as I’m concentrating mainly on my latest novel. I’ll update the blog as to how that’s progressing, while trying not to think too much about how print publications of fiction in general are being threatened by Amazon and their desire to dominate the market. It seems that, while breaking into the industry has always been a stiff challenge and an uphill battle, with the uncertainty of what media form is going to deliver fiction to readers in the future, it’s now harder than it’s ever been. As a writer, I guess the best thing for me is to just try and keep the creative juices flowing and soldier on with the latest project, rather than concentrating on how and under what circumstances the finished product might be published. The times, they are a changing, for both writers and readers. If I ever do have a novel picked up for major distribution, who knows if you’ll be reading it via your Kindle on Amazon, or whether you’ll actually be holding the book in your hands, or whether there’s yet another way my stories will find their way into your lives. Best cross that bridge when we come to it, I suppose. More soon.

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