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Three New Stories being featured in Two Publications

December 23, 2009

Hello all. I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays and isn’t too stressed out. I’m pleased to announce that I’m having three new stories published. The first two are erotica stories that are going to appear on the pay website Grace and Beauty. G and B is an atypical site, one that focuses on promoting tasteful, elegant exploration of sexuality. The stories are titled “Yard Work” and “Fun with Jane,” and they will  be posted on the site in the next few days; it should be noted that although there is pay-per-view content on the site, such as pictures and videos, my two stories will be available for viewing without a membership, in the public area. For all those interested, the site address is Obviously, viewing of this site is intended for adults of legal age.

I also have another story, “One of the Family,” appearing now in the publication Babel Lit. Babel Lit is based in New Orleans, and my story will be in their second issue. It can be viewed both online, at, and also in print. If you want to order a print version of the second issue featuring my story, full details on how to do so are available on the website.  

That’s it for now. Keep an eye out for the new collection, “The Great Divide,” which will be posted here shortly. Cheers.

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