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March 2, 2013
You Get What You Pay For

You Get What You Pay For

Last week I talked about how little I care about the Oscars, and how I wouldn’t be watching them. I still don’t, and I didn’t. However, there’s been some backlash from that broadcast that I think is worth addressing this week. So Seth MacFarlane was the host, which I guess the producers thought would bring in a younger, hipper audience. Maybe it worked, at least partially, since the show had the highest ratings since 2009. At any rate, MacFarlane is best known for creating the TV show Family Guy, and last year he became a movie director too, with the R-rated comedy Ted, about a talking teddy bear that likes to pal around with Mark Walberg, drink, and smoke pot. I didn’t see it, because I’m not fifteen years old. But I guess MacFarlane did some stuff at the Oscars that has gotten some backlash; people have accused him of mixing some racist, homophobic, and especially sexist humor into his schtick. In particular he’s gotten called out for a song he wrote and performed called I Saw Your Boobs, about the various Hollywood actresses who have gone topless in their movies. Lena Dunham, a new face on the scene and a two-time Emmy award winner this year for her HBO show Girls, tweeted about how sexist the song was, saying that MacFarlane wasn’t advancing the cause for feminism. Jane Fonda hauled herself out of her crypt to say much the same thing. My response to all this hoopla is simply this: just what exactly were people expecting?

Look, if you’ve ever seen¬†Family Guy, or its spinoff The Cleveland Show, and, I’m sure, if you watched Ted, then you should have known what MacFarlane’s comedy was all about. The producers of the Oscars must have known what they were getting themselves into, otherwise they wouldn’t have hired the guy. They must have given more than just tacit approval of what MacFarlane had planned, because, after all, they must have given the okay to the Oscar script prior to the show going on the air. Look, I’m all for feminism, in the context that what its supposed to mean is that women should be treated equally to men, in the sense that they should receive equal pay for equal work, they shouldn’t be passed up for promotions in favor of less qualified male counterparts, they shouldn’t be subjected to sexual harassment, etc. On the other hand, fucking lighten up. No harm was meant by MacFarlane’s stupid song, and I don’t think any was caused, either. People like Dunham and Fonda are making something out of nothing, and, going back to what I said last week, you have to be a real jack-off to think that the Oscars are prime viewing material anyway, so honestly, who really cares what songs are or aren’t performed, or what jokes are or aren’t made? Can’t you find something better to do with your time? Talking about double standards, I’m sure these two wouldn’t have anything to say if the song had been about men who had shown their genitalia on screen. My advice, cool your jets and find something better to do with your time. Who really cares what your opinions are anyway, if your major contributions to the world are, respectively, a show on HBO that nobody I know watches, and a line of low impact aerobic workout plans? MacFarlane pretty much said that he’d never do the Oscars again anyway, so in the future, I don’t think the two of you will have anything to worry about. Unless you decide to try and boycott Family Guy and The Cleveland Show, and frankly, I wouldn’t put it past you, because militant feminists, unlike regular feminists, aren’t interested in equality. They go out of their way to try and find men on whom they can vent their spleen. I say, MacFarlane, keep on doing what you’re doing. The producers of the Oscars got exactly what they paid for, and anyone who didn’t like what you brought to the table could have easily changed the channel.

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